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Quick Turn Prototyping Service

Time is money for our clients and we understand it. Meeting deadlines and producing parts as quick as 2 days has never been more critical. 

Halcyon's core processes and team was built specifically to turn parts around in lightning fashion. We have helped move thousands of parts forward. Weather if it's a recovery for a customer in urgent need or help engineers get ahead. Let us be a valuable part of your team!

How are we able to turn parts so fast?

  • Halcyon runs a total of 3 shifts with 10 programmers. This allows us to process parts quickly and move it into a machine.

  • All of our programmers are home grown.  We have an accelerated training program that turns passion into action. This also allow us to implement a prototyping culture that fits with our vision. 

  • All our machineries are brand new and standardized. We made the necessary up front investment to help solve our customers biggest problem.

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