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High Volume Production

With Halcyon APQP and PAPP implementations we can not only save you money in the long term but we can also guarantee your products. Pre-planning has always been half the battle and our experience team is always involved and ready to manage your project from start to finish with High Volume Production.

Our Insurance:

  • No one process is the same in manufacturing. Understanding how to handle high volume production is so important and we understand it. Unlike Prototype projects, so much more planning needs to go into production project to ensure consistent quality parts.

  • When necessary, Halcyon will deploy an APQP plan to ensure our customers requirements are met. This plan shall include all proper departments and management involvement to execute each project to perfection.

  • Properly implementing SPC for critical features ensures our team having visibility on trends before it occurs. This means our customers won't have any surprises come deadline.

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